Atop Mount Sàbulo lays the ancient city of Fermo, a Roman colony. The town is dominated by the powerful making of the Cathedral, where you can enjoy a beautiful view. Over the centuries Fermo has always been the most important center of the area, a town with historical tradition, with interesting historical and artistic testimonies, offering several manufacturing activities and many socio-cultural and tourist initiatives. The territory is a blend of sea and hills: from the wide beaches of Lido di Fermo, Casabianca and Marina Palmense, to the village of Torre di Palme, placed on a spur overlooking the sea; in a panoramic position, over the Adriatic sea, is placed the neighborhood of Capodarco. On this vast territory is located, from the top of the Hill, the town of Fermo that preserves numerous testimonies of its history. In the year 264 BC it became a Roman colony under the name Firmum Picenum and it had right to mint coins.


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